Whether you are setting up a new office building or just want to add some additional perks to your current facility, one idea you might want to take a look at is hiring a water delivery service for regular replenishment of your drinking water. Staying well-stocked on H2O through a delivery service can offer benefits for both your employees and the company itself. Here's why you should contact a water delivery service today:

Help Your Employees Save Money While Enjoying a Perk

If your office doesn't currently offer free drinking water to employees, it's likely that anyone who doesn't want to drink from the tap is bringing in bottled water from home. Having free drinking water on site will allow your employees to save a bit of money every month. Having the perk available throughout the building to all employees will also surely be appreciated by everyone.

Reduce Plastic Waste and Help Your Company Stay Green

If you are either making employees bring their own bottles from home or just purchasing bottled water in a store and then possibly having it thrown out in the trash, your company is not doing everything it could be doing to help the environment. When you partner with a water delivery service, they will bring the water to you and then, when the barrel on the water vending machine is empty, the service will arrive to pick it up and swap in a new one. If there is any waste, there's an excellent chance that the delivery service will end up recycling it for you. This will help your company reduce its environmental footprint and allow you to say you are doing what you can to keep your company as green as possible.

Stay Focused on the Work, Not Your Diminishing Supply

If you are currently responsible for maintaining your water supply, this could prove to be a headache for you at the worst possible time. If you are in the middle of a crunch period at work, you aren't going to want to leave the building just to go to the store for more water, and you likely won't want to ask anyone else to do it either. When you hire a water delivery service, you can get your deliveries on a specific schedule, guaranteeing you never run out.

Contact a water delivery service like Dean's Waterservice Inc for more information. You'll be adding a perk your employees will appreciate, and you'll be able to maintain your focus on your bottom line.