Whether you have recently opened up a restaurant or have been in operation for a while, you may be wondering if there is a better way to prepare, cook, and present the hamburgers on your menu. Up until now, you may have been relying on hand-molded burgers or even pre-formed patties but have not attained the results that you or your customers desire.

If so, another option is to make use of hamburger moulder equipment in your kitchen. With this equipment, you place the meat in the machine and it shapes and molds the patties for you. Below are a couple of benefits that using this type of system can offer your restaurant.

1.  Helps Streamline the Preparation and Cooking of Your Restaurant's Hamburgers

One of the benefits of using moulder equipment to shape and form your restaurant's hamburgers is that doing so helps to streamline the process of preparing and cooking the patties. If you currently have your cooks make the patties with their hands, they will often come out asymmetrical. They may also be thicker or thinner in the middle than you want them to be. This can cause issues with even cooking, with some patties being overdone while others are undercooked.

However, with the equipment, the patties come out evenly shaped with a uniform thickness. This not only saves time that used to be spent shaping the patties but also helps to ensure a batch of hamburgers will thoroughly cook at the same time.

2.  Helps Ensure the Size and Quality of the Burgers Are the Same for Each Customer

Along with streamlining the preparation of the hamburgers, using moulder equipment can also ensure that each customer receives the same size and quality of hamburger. With handmade methods, a customer may have a misshapen, undercooked burger that is too large for the bun, while their companion may have a smaller, overcooked piece of meat.

However, when using the equipment, all of the patties come out the same size and shape even after cooking.

If hamburgers are a prominent offering on your restaurant's menu, making use of moulder equipment can help to streamline their preparation while helping to give your customers uniform, quality sandwiches every time. Contact a food service company that offers hamburger moulder equipment to find out more about its usage and function as well as to learn more about how it can help it could benefit your restaurant.