If your restaurant's kitchen does not already feature a commercial food bowl chopper, it's not too late to consider investing in one. Here are just a few good reasons to do so:

Create Custom Meat Products

A bowl chopper will allow you to create your own custom meat products in-house to set yourself apart from competing restaurants in the area. From specialty meatloaf blends to craft burgers, you can create large batches of meat at one time in a commercial bowl chopper so it can be easily accessed from the fridge or freezer when it's time to cook with it.

A bowl chopper will allow you to add seasonings and other ingredients into fresh cuts of beef as it gets chopped up to create satisfying blends that customers are sure to keep coming back for. You'll have the ability to experiment and make unique creations such as curried chicken pate, buffalo meatloaf, and sweet-and-sour meatballs.

Ensure Uniform Consistency

You can expect to get uniform shapes and sizes every time you cut vegetables up in your commercial food bowl chopper. Whether you are making a stew for the weekend menu or you want to make your own salsa in-house, your bowl chopper will provide high quality results in a fraction of the time that it would take to cut everything up manually.

And a food bowl chopper will cut up just about anything you put in it – even things like tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, and avocados. Never pay your employees to stand around cutting things up with knives or mandolins again.

Control Your Production Levels

Because commercial food choppers can handle such a large amount of food at once, you can make as little or as much food as you want at any given time. Some menu items might need to be prepared in advance, in which case you can make enough for multiple days at a time. Those menu items that are prepared fresh daily can be made in smaller batches each morning. You should find that it's easy and convenient to manage your food inventory when there is a commercial food bowl chopper to rely on in the kitchen.

Now is a great time to start comparing all of the food bowl choppers that are available to you. Contact a commercial appliance dealer today to schedule a consultation appointment and to learn more about the features and prices of the latest options on the market.