If you ever traveled to Spain, maybe you fell in love with the culture and with everything you saw. Or, it might be that you have never even been to Spain, but it has always intrigued you. No matter if you are actually from Spain or if you have a fascination with that beautiful country, maybe you have decided to host a special event with a Spanish theme. If that's true, read on for ideas that might help you to plan a fun event. 

You have probably decided to serve paella as the main course of your Spanish dinner. If you've never made it before, you probably don't know that the process of making this delicious dish is quite involved. With that in mind, think of arranging for paella catering services.

Before The Paella Is Presented - As your guests are arriving, the paella catering service will probably serve Spanish appetizers or tapas. The tapas might include things like toast triangles with chorizo topping, mixed olives, assorted cheeses, and vegetable kebobs marinated in olive oil and vinegar.

​The Main Event Will Be The Paella - Try to plan your event to be outside so that the paella can be cooked in the authentic way on an open fire. Of course, the size of the paella pan will depend on how many guests you have. However, only a true paella pan will be used in the preparation. Here are some of the ingredients that will be in the paella.

  • Short rice prepared with spices like saffron and paprika.
  • The saffron will give the paella its yellow color.
  • The paella will contain shellfish, different meats, sausage, and vegetables.
  • The paella caterers might also have Valenciana paella for you to taste.
  • Instead of having rabbit and snails in it, this dish might be made just with chicken as the meat.

Finish The Meal With A Spanish Dessert - Of course, the paella will be the focus of the evening. However, ending with a traditional Spanish dessert will add to the fun.

  • Churros that are similar to the Mexican dessert might be on the dessert list.
  • Turron candy might become everybody's favorite dessert.
  • Rice pudding with almonds and a strong hint of cinnamon is another dessert suggestion.
  • Quesillo, flan type of dessert made with cheese as one of the ingredients, will be a new taste sensation.

Consider asking the caterers to set out an assortment of Spanish desserts so everybody can have a taste of each one. Besides serving you and your guests an authentic paella meal, it will be served with a flair that will add pizzaz to your party. For more information, contact a professional who provides paella catering